London prodigall, stab-stitched

Stab-Stitching in The Library

I am the guy who works on stab-stitching in the early modern English book trade. For roughly two years, I was frankly obsessed with it, and my research into this material practice has shaped the way I approach questions about the meaning of material forms—especially bibliographical ones. It… Read more

Extensively Annotated Plautus

Extensively Annotated Plautus

Plautus, Titus Maccius. M. accii Plauti comoediae xx. diligente cura, & singulari studio Joachimi Camerarii Pabeperg. emendatius nunc quam ante unquam ab ullo, editae. Edited by Joachim Camerarius. Basel: Johannes Herwagen, [1552]. Octavo. USTC 674254. Collation: a-z8, A-Z8, Aa-Ii8 The present octavo of Plautus’s Comedies contains the version edited… Read more

William Alexander's "Woorkes"

William Alexander’s “Woorkes”

Alexander, William. The monarchicke tragedies. London: Valentine Simmes [& George Eld] for Edward Blount (1607). STC 344. Bound with Alexander, William. A paraenesis to the Prince. London: Richard Field for Edward Blount (1604). STC 346. and Alexander, William. Aurora. London: Richard Field for Edward Blount (1604). STC 337. Collation: π1 5A4(-A1.A2)*,… Read more